Friday, February 10, 2012

Remove Items

I knew the first thing I needed to do was empty the room. When I went upstairs to start I walked in the room. Then I looked at all the piles of boxes and bags and paper and spun in a circle. My husband to the rescue! "Why don't I set up the table in the other room? I'll just start bringing everything to you and you can sort as I bring it out."

Great idea! Teamwork. And I couldn't allow myself to get overwhelmed in the room. My goal was to sort and work as fast as he was bringing items to me. Easier said than done. He'd bring out a bag, box or bin and I had to go through and sort the items. I had two small craft tables and was trying to sort into paper, tools, office, crafty items, stickers, punches, stamps, photos, and memorabilia.

Then he brought out a pile that contained flower seeds. So, I started a pile of "items that don't belong in the scrapbook room." That meant they wouldn't go back in, but I had to deal with finding them a home now.

Then the room was empty and it looked great!

But I had a mess in the other room. Items had to go back into the scrapbooking room AND now I had to clean the other room too. Re-enter the sense of being overwhelmed.

I have two dates in mind as I'm tackling this 29 day challenge:
  1. The in-laws will be here for a visit on the 16th
  2. I have to post a completion update on the 29th
While I worked on further organizing/piling the items I had pulled out of the scrapbook room, my husband decided to sort through the luggage and bags in the closet. (So much for the empty room!)

Next step is to deal with the mess I've created before the in-laws arrive!

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