Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Honest Truth (Before)

I've accepted the 29 Day Organizational Challenge from OrgJunkie. I've been avoiding my scrapbook/craft room. I randomly get energized to go attack it and then my schedule hits me or my motivation falters and I avoid it again. This month, I will be focusing my energy on my scrapbook/craft room.

The room is currently in such disarray because I got a new desk. I had a temporary one that was a piece of plywood held up with shortened 2x4s as legs. We won't even talk about my broken chair! I found this desk from Home Decorators Collection. I got it on sale and with free shipping. Unfortunately, it was back ordered for almost six weeks. By the time the desk arrived, my motivation had left me again. It sat in it's box downstairs for at least a month. Eventually, I convinced my husband it was time to drag the 80 pound box upstairs. We spent an afternoon assembling the desk. It created quite the mess, and took some time, but it wasn't that difficult. There was no more time that day to put the room in order. No time during the holidays to get the room back in order and now it's part of this challenge!

I am ready to get things put away so I can take advantage of my spare time (even if it's only an hour) to work on some projects. I am ready to be able to find a needed supply for a quick project around the house. I am ready for this room to be a happy space in our house. I am ready to finally hang some of the craft room decor I have on the walls! I am ready for this room to be ready for my mother-in-law's visit later this month! I don't expect perfection and I don't expect to be done before the month is over and she arrives, but I plan on improvement!

I'm not proud to show off the before pictures, but I'm keeping it real. I did nothing (obviously) to tidy up the space for the before pictures. Ironically, more items were placed on the desk shortly after these photos were taken as I returned items from a quick project back to the proper room.

The honest truth from the doorway (yes, that's a Christmas wreath I store on the door).

The desk is tucked away next to the window with a bookcase close at hand for keeping tools within reach.

The t.v. table (my previous desk was the twin of this table) and all the clutter I've dropped around it. The bags in front of the t.v. are what I've used when I go for a scrapbooking weekend.

These boxes used to be under my old table/desk. The books are somewhat organized, but don't look like it with all of the clutter in front of it. Notice the stained glass window art that needs to be hung up.

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